Our Philosophy

As you surely know too much money and time is spent getting the right Combining Elements.

ISG solves your problems.

ISG manufactures and supplies screws, standard, turned, stamped and drawing parts in

  • steel and stainless steel
  • brass, copper, aluminum
  • all other metals
  • all kinds of refinements
  • all sizes
  • small and big quantities

Please make a test - especially with specific problems you can benefit from our experience and efficiency.


ISG supplies standard parts with measurements from 0.5 mm to 140 mm diameter and up to a length of 3,000 mm. You can choose between all common material as well as every kind of surface finishing.

On demand ISG supplies together with certificates for DIN 50049/2.1, 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2.

Also in packaging we want to meet your requirements. Units with amounts demanded ISG labels as required, if wished with your company label.


ISG supplies Turned Parts according to drawings or samples.


  • free-cutting, cementation, structural and heat treatable steel
  • rustless and acid-proof steel
  • free-cutting steel
  • brass, nickel, titan, copper, aluminum, bronze und german silver
  • small and large-scale production.


ISG supplies Precision Stamped Parts according drawing or sample.


  • steel and stainless steel
  • tin-plate
  • non-ferrous metals and aluminum
  • synthetic material, press board and hard paper
  • with measurements from 0.05 mm to 10 mm strength
  • small and large-scale production


ISG additionally supplies

  • chains out of steel and stainless steel
  • ball-bearing and roller-bearing